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Adoption Process and Policy

Step 1:  Check for available litter

If you are interested in adopting from us please email to find out if the waiting list for the litter you are interested in is still open.  Check planned pairing page

Step 2:  Fill out adoption questionnaire

If it is open,  please fill out an adoption questionnaire by visiting this link, copy the questions found on this page, paste them in an email, and then send the email to: everwildrattery@yahoo.com  I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Step 3:  Place a deposit

We have a $15.00 adoption fee per rat. 

Once accepted you must place a $15.00 non-refundable deposit to hold a pair of ratlets within three days time. Please place your deposit through Paypal.com.  Send the deposit using this email address: outdoorgirl16@yahoo.com.  Once the deposit is received, I will send a confirmation email to you! :)


Step 4: Choose Baby Ratlet

When the babies are born, I will photograph them every few days and post the pictures to our Everwild Rattery Facebook page.  Around 4-5 weeks I will photograph each individual ratlet and create a special litter page just for that group.  You will receive an email based on your position on the list.  At that time you will have the opportunity to select a same sex pair of available ratlets within 5 days of receiving the email.  Then, I will post names under each pic to show who they are reserved for.


Step 5: Take Baby Home!

Babies are available when they are 5-6 wks old. I will arrange to meet with you at a thruway exit near Farmington or Rochester, NY. I will offer two dates and adopters must make arrangements to pick up their baby ratlets on one of those days.  

When we meet, I will explain rat care, answer questions, provide you with a food sample, and bring any items that you may have ordered from our Everwild Boutique.  You will also be asked to sign the following adoption contract.  You can read it now and print a copy for your records.  I will keep the copy I bring for you to sign. 

Please bring a tub or box to carry your new friends home with you.  I cannot allow ratlets to go with you to their new homes if a proper carrying container is not available on day of pick up.  If you are traveling long distances bring food and water.  Apples and grapes are a good way to provide water because sometimes the movement of cars cause water bottles to leak.  Lastly, please bring the rest of the deposit or any extra cash if you would like to purchase bedding, food, hammocks, or toys and treats when we meet.  I no longer accept checks.